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From Salisbury, NC., USA : Sophia Daniz

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JJ Rocks Article # 295:
 From Salisbury, NC, USA : Sophia Daniz

The Spotlight Zone's Pop genre has had a new light shining on it for sometime now. And it radiates from a young lady from Salisbury, NC., USA by the name of Sophia Daniz. Not only are her vocal performances way past being just a "good singer", but also the emotions and control that she applies to her music can only be compared to the quality of the original compositions that she sings. She has been making some high musical waves on our
site and it's time that they reach the shores of more listeners.

Without referring to any particular song titles of her very cool musical gifts to the ear, I can say that she expresses herself in many moods and tonal colors with her chosen genre. And all performed with the sound of not only the determination to be heard by using her intense vocal delivery and emotion, but also to be appreciated by anyone that has an ear for great talent and melodic composition. These traits can be found in each of her songs even though they are all coming from different approaches and musical avenues within the Pop field. One thing is for sure, Sophia Daniz is a true musician that doesn't treat her chosen art like a weekend hobby. She is the real deal.

So with her top level songwriting accompanied by a voice that drives poetic nails into the soul, Sophia Daniz is building her way up to being a household name in the Pop genre. She just needs to get her music heard by more people. And as a former producer and now a promoter of the independent music scene, I would tell her to get out there and sing for as many people as she can and not just depend on someone saying good things about her from the front of a computer keyboard. Get out and do it yourself Sophia! The world will love you. You just need to let them know who you are.

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Here is a link to her music on The Spotlight Zone: