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From Escondido, CA, USA: Riboflavin

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JJ Rocks Article # 296: From  Escondido, CA, USA: Riboflavin

If you like music that has a great crossover sound of classic punk mixed with innovative modern Pop/Rock then Riboflavin is right down your alley. Their arrangements and compositions are abound with feel changes and creative twist throughout that keep the interest of anyone out there that loves Rock/Pop music with alternative approaches combined with traditional punk overtones. And with super smooth musicianship, magnetic vocals, and a way of keeping surprises happening in every new section of their tunes, Riboflavin might just find themselves at the top of your musical shopping list.

They are listed under "Pop/Punk" but with all these genres flying around these days I would just like to call them a great band whose fingers are not just in total control of their instruments, but also on the pulse of what's happening on today's Rock' Roll and independent radio stations. And with the major label executives (at least the ones I know) tightening up their pockets to make way for songwriters only to keep the people they already have signed become more famous while closing their ears to things that are fresh, I think it's time for Riboflavin to hit the independent Rock radio stations with everything they have and just let the majors hear about it later. Then see has the upper hand.

So let me take off my hat to Julian Quezada, Christopher Ogle, Brandon Taco Taylor, and Steven Waggoner for having a sound that is such a nice change from the 80"s wanna be Rock bands and not drawing too much on some of the others in this modern genre. They have one special ingredient that is so hard to obtain when finding your own sound...... Balance.

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