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From Panama City, Florida, USA: Randy Ferrell

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JJ Rocks article # 297:
From Panama City Beach, Florida, USA: Randy Ferrell 

A voice that reaches out from the deepest part of a person's inner soul with creativity to boot.........That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Randy Ferrell. And trying to describe Randy's musical ability in technical terms would be fruitless because he is way beyond that. Anyone with an ear can hear that he has polished his vocal and instrumental chops many moons ago. But as real musicians already know, technical achievements in music have a ceiling. What I mean is that when our musical chops are in a place where we can totally control our instruments or/and voice, then there is only one place left to go. And that is finding your own individual direction towards what you love, and blowing some real smoke! And Randy Ferrell has not only found his direction, he also builds and performs great music that impresses me 10 times over.

If I were to walk into a restaurant or other smaller music venue and heard Randy Ferrell, I'm pretty sure that I would be  mesmerized as I listened to his incredible voice and piano playing. And when you combine his instrumental virtuosity and  originality within his compositions (music and lyrics) to the equation, I would probably stop and say "I can't believe this! This guy should be famous!" But the way I see it, Randy is already great, now he just has to show the world. Personally, if I had the musical ability of Randy Ferrell, I would be very happy just knowing how good I was and make people smile where ever I go. But on a more professionally speaking comment, if there is a music venue or record company out there that hires artist in Randy's musical genre and vocal style, I can't believe that they wouldn't be floored and have him as a regular in their club, or sign him up with a nice fat advance. When it comes to selling his music on line or within a record label, It's all in the marketing. His talent is already there.

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Check Randy's music at this link:

PS: He has one of the coolest bios on his profile that I
have ever seen on TSZ!