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From Goodyear, Arizona, USA: Dina Preston Band

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JJ Rocks article # 298:

From Goodyear, Arizona, USA: Dina Preston Band

Straight from the heart and in your face! That's how I like my country music. Especially when it displays a more creative direction. Most truck driver stories and tear jerker ballads are a thing of the past. And The Dina Preston Band from Goodyear, Arizona is a fine example of modern day country arrangements with power and conviction combined with traditional themes within their compositions and performance. What a great musical country recipe for a genre that has so much competition! This band is on the right track!

Top notch musicianship, cool songwriting, and great vocals are understatements when it comes to The Dina Preston Band! And their energy just jumps right out of the speakers and makes me want to get off my chair. With all the wanna be stars in the world of country music, it's hard to really grab someone's attention that otherwise may be consumed by so many bands on the web. But this fine group of musicians know just how to catch the ears of country music lovers.  And that's by breaking their own new ground without really changing the musical landscape.  

Make sure that you check out their bio here on TSZ! They
travel the world being musical ambassadors that are representing Americans home
grown music. And they do it with pride!

 - JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

Here is a link to their profile and music on The Spotlight Zone: