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From South Africa: K-Jo

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JJ Rocks article # 299: From South Africa: K-Jo

This wonderful young singer from South Africa is high up on our Indie charts and getting the attention from a lot of our staff including myself. I love her subtle and smooth style along with the strong emotional and melodic approach on her songs that grab you from the first few measures. And with a velvet voice combined with very professional level songwriting K-Jo has her whole musical package ready for delivery to any set of ears that can recognize true talent.

With a variety of grooves and moods K-Jo sets high standards for all independent Indie musicians trying to be noticed. Her sound has a well balanced and musically tasteful recipe within her chosen genre that's not too aggressive, nor too sappy like some other Indie artist that I have heard. She seems to have found her own sound without copying others or trying to ride their gravy train. As many of you already know, I never drop names of other artist (famous or independent) in comparison to anyone that I write about even though sometimes it's hard not to do. But with K-Jo I find it effortless to point out her original qualities. And it's not that she sounds like someone I have never heard before because we can hear influences in every musician. It's her way of expressing those influences without copying them that impresses me. What more could a writer ask for?

By the way, her real name is Kelly and she is only 17 years old. Maybe that will give you Indie artist something to think about.

So let's all show some love for this very talented young lady and stop by her profile and leave a nice comment. I know she will love it!

- JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

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