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From Lake Dallas, Texas, USA: Nur Ich

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JJ Rocks Article # 300:

From Lake Dallas, Texas, USA: Nur Ich

I am very proud to say that this is my 300th article. I am
also proud that it's a review on The Spotlight Zone instrumentalist Nur Ich from Lake Dallas, Texas,USA.

At the time of this review Nur Ich is at the top of our instrumental charts. Not because he is displaying tons of virtuoso flash, (which I know he could do if  the song called for it) but because of how he humanizes his compositional skills to command the overall mood within his musical endeavors. He has a great approach to not only melodic and harmonic structures, but also blends them with a superb spaciousness and timely pauses that define his music. If you are looking for a technical show off, this article is not for you. It's about a musician who is too busy being the real deal.

It's rare that we get someone in our instrumental genre that has so much heart and discipline. And in a world of speed demons and copycats, Nur Ich has found his true self without bending in a wind generated by the masses. He is a true musician that has tapped into his own musical self. This to me is one of the signs of true musicianship. And on The Spotlight Zone, it's a rare element that we cherish.

I can imagine music from Nur Ich in movies and TV shows looking to capture a certain mood without all the complexities of other backing themes. His songs would be perfect for scenes depicting lots of emotional and dramatic sequences that need a certain kind of musical composition to bond with. The only thing that Nur Ich needs now are the right ears in the right type of media. Then he will be on his way to success.

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Here is a link to his music on The Spotlight Zone: