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From Ukraine: Grim Fandango

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JJ Rocks Article # 301: From Ukraine:  Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango is without a doubt one of the very best Progressive Rock groups ever to grace the pages of my site The Spotlight Zone.

Originally from Ukraine where many of the best progressive rock bands in the world come from, they first captivated me with their video "Africa". I was totally blown away by their musicianship, vocals, and composition and how they blended it with humorous video interludes of beautiful animals from the dark continent. I have to say it still is one of the most refreshing music videos that I have ever watched.

Their next song "Running" opens with a masterful musical dance between guitar and bass. Then the rest of the band kicks in while still going through many rhythmic and melodic changes that would blow even the finest musician listeners back in their seats! Powerful and exciting with great musicianship are understatements. And just when you have your ears set for their sound they take you into a new direction with their Glam song "Crazy Situation" as their next tune, but not without maintaining their super musicianship and vocals. It was a pleasant surprise with nice middle breaks that grooved to the max!

The next song in their mix "In Motion" opens with acoustic guitar and violin which makes a nice mood change in their overall musical impression that stays true to top notch musicianship. I particularly like the short flute segments that adds just the right amount of sugar to an already passionate song. Very well done guys! Now their last offering (so far) called "The Palm" starts with a secret agent type of feel, but then breaks into some of the finest melodic and rhythmic segments in their collection. This one shows a huge amount of fusion ideas and musical expertise all round. I was blown away! This song is quite a journey into well balanced and superb composition while displaying incredible playing chops.

To sum it all up, Grim Fandango is a dream for anyone that calls themselves true musicians and understand music as an art form and not just a product produced for mass consumers. And I can't forget to recommend that your first choice of experiencing Grim Fandango should be going to their video section and watching "Africa" which is the first video. The songs I am covering now are from their music section, there are some other cool songs in their video section. Check it ALL out then you will know why I see this band as true ambassadors of the art of music, not the product.

 - JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

Here is a link to their music and videos on The Spotlight