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From Zagreb, Croatia: Mirna Zimonic

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JJ Rocks article # 302: From Zagreb, Croatia: Mirna Zimonic

This is a very special article for me because it really highlights one of the main reasons for The Spotlight Zone's existence. And that is finding true talent without being concerned about how much money the artist invested into making the finest recordings in the best studios, or being able to hire a well know producer. In my pursuit of discovering the "not so well known" independent musical performers, I often find that it's some of the rawest and down to earth recordings performed by very talented songwriters and singers that get my attention. I didn't create this private scouting site to find the best sonics (although great sound does add to the overall impression of the artist). What I'm really looking for is someone to either write about or maybe even get connected to one of my major label friends if possible. And this young lady named Mirna Zimonic from Croatia has made quite an impression on me with her singing and songwriting abilities by simply using her dads I Phone and an acoustic guitar to record some live tunes in her home. Pure talent, pure reality, no frills.

The first impression that I got from hearing Mirna's music was that she had what I like to refer as "the perfect balance", or as I some times call "being different and the same, at the same time".  But that is only one element of her music. Her lyrics dig deep into emotions while her voice carries out many of  the feelings that is inside of her wanting to be expressed. And she doesn't candy coat what she is lyrically conveying to the listener. She tells it like it is. And that is straight from the heart. There's a bright musical future for Mira if she just keeps applying herself and maintains a constant drive. And at sixteen years old, she has plenty
of road in front of her.

 I often find myself wondering what it would be like to have a band behind her that may "take it over the top". I guess that's just the producer side of me talking.  But in the long run it doesn't  matter.  Because whether she chooses a full band behind her or only voice and acoustic guitar, I'll still be a huge fan of Mirna Zimonic. And all you need to do to agree with me is to stop by her profile here on The Spotlight Zone and listen. I'm sure that many of you will be showing some love in her comments section.

 - JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone

Here is a link to her music: