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From Lucedale, Mississippi, USA: Henry Kevin Edwards

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JJ Rocks article # 303: From Lucedale, Mississippi, USA:
Henry Kevin Edwards

Blues has endured longer than any other American style of music. Some people may say that Jazz takes that award. But to me, Jazz has a Blues foundation, and just like it's brother genre, it also went through some real changes in the last hundred years or so. But many true lovers of the pre "Electric Chicago  Blues sound" get their mojo from not only the history and the tradition of Blues, but also it's down to earth sound when taken back to it's roots. And Henry Kevin Edwards from Lucedale Mississippi is not only a true ambassador of the roots and history of Blues, but also a master of capturing the sound that started it all.

In my journeys though the global web of  independent musicians, it's seems like most of the Blues artist that I have met can't remember anything before the styles of BB King, Muddy Waters, and Eric Clapton (and we love them all!) So it's rare to find someone who can reflect the days of Blues legends like Robert Johnson and other ground breaking creators of this very AMERICAN genre of music. But there is one shining star of this original and most historic versions of the Blues that I am focusing on today. His name is Henry Kevin Edwards and he nails it to the wall when it comes to the roots of real Blues music.

I must point out that after 303 articles, this is the first time that I am not only focused on the musician, but also a master of guitar building and repairing. Henry Kevin Edwards even built me a custom made Strat with a standard body, high end vintage pickups, and the most beautiful custom made neck with an extra thick rosewood fingerboard and stainless steel jumbo frets that make string bending a breeze! He also locked down the bridge vibrato system as I requested and had everything lined up perfectly. And you wouldn't believe the price! All I can say is that it had a lower price than a brand new standard Strat from on line. He even engraved "JJ Rocks model 0001". I love that axe!

So please stop by his profile at the link below and listen to an award winning traditional Blues artist who performs with The Mississippi Blues Connection who play at all the Blues hot spots in the south. And maybe you can even strike up a conversation about guitar building and repair. Who knows, you may even have your own signature guitar one day with the help of Henry Kevin Edwards.

 - JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone 

Here is a link to his profile and music: