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From Moscow, Russia: FS Projekt

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JJ Rocks Article # 304: From Moscow, Russia: FS Projekt

The band FS Projekt from Moscow Russia plays some of the best Metal music on the planet. Their extreme tightness, power, and drive combined with incredible musical virtuosity has made quite an impression on the Metal genre here at The Spotlight Zone! Along with that, they are probably one of the best promoters of their music on the site. As you all know, your music can be great, but unless people hear it, the whole reason for playing music seems to get lost. But not with FS Projekt. They are masters at getting the word out to Metal lovers. And it’s working.  

Metal music is an acquired taste to many of you who have been more in the main stream. But it does display certain angers that build up inside of all of us. And to capture those feelings without sounding like all other Metal bands is not an easy task. But this is where FS Projekt really shines. When I realized that even though I could not understand their Russian lyrics, I was still floored with their overall sound and musical chops. I guess it was the entire kick ass attitude behind their exceptionally performed music that really grabbed me.

So if you want a real good taste of authentic classic Metal just go visit there page at the link below and show some love to these great Russian musicians. They also have an extensive video collection on their video page that will keep you watching for quite a while!

 - JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone