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From Ukraine: Mosquito

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JJ Rocks Article # 1:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, issue #1, October, 2006
If you take rock n roll, mix it with high levels of musicianship, a little uncharted ground, the desire to express musical freedom, and top it off with a huge helping of originality, you get The Mosquito! A band thats full of colorful sounds and textures from Kiev, Ukraine. Its been a good while since Ive heard a band that carries on the traditions and artistic abilities of bands like Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull, and even Gentle Giants.
Just as we are starting to get used to the fad followers that we hear so much of on todays radio, theres a band that comes along and sets a whole new pace of intellectual music listening. A band that doesnt try to fit in the molds left over by groups attempting preconceived thoughts of blatant commercialism.

Starting with the vocals of Sveta Morozova, Id like to say that her singing is unique, adventurous, sometimes humorous, and most of all, dead on. She nails her vocal parts like a carpenter nails wood. Her presence in this band takes it over the top, and away from bands that are mostly know for their instrumental complexities.
Svetas part in their formula helps cerate a tapestry of very interesting musical colors while adding to the bands overall visual attraction.
Ive havent had the pleaser of seeing them live yet, but the picture above is worth a thousand words.

Speaking of fun to watch, drummer Alex Lihuta must be a blast! I dont know about you, but when I see a band that has a great drummer, it always keeps me stretching my neck towards the stage. With a rock solid feel and a tone that is a refreshing break from the sound of most of todays progressive rock drummers, Alexs playing skillfully intertwines with the bands many interesting twist and turns, while still remaining incredibly tasteful.

Lead guitarist Oleg Shuvalov also has the unique ability to play just what the song needs. (An ability that some of us hot dogging show off guitarist could use a bit of.) I havent heard that kind of playing since Gary Green from Gentle Giant. Its a challenging task when you mix that rock type of tone into a sound that contains very clean flute and violin work. Oleg does a great job in choosing his guitar parts because they show off his unique style without trying to attract too much attention to his own playing. Believe me, its a real art form. He doesnt try to be a desert topping on a band full of back up players like many modern day guitarist often do. Hes part of the recipe and he plays great!

For now, I dont have any info on the bass player. His name is not listed on their site. (If I missed it Im sorry) But this guy is really aware of whats going on and just as much a part of the arrangement as the rest of the band. What Im trying to say is he doesnt just play bass parts and fills like other bassists often do. Hes right in there with the rest of the musical gears, all turning to create a high output of total band creativity while showing his own very original playing style. And he has great chops! (Playing ability).

Please feel free to contact them at their very cool website. Tell them that St. Croix Music Magazine sent you and check out the rest of there music. Also please tell them how much you like this website because it was designed by Sveta, and programmed by Oleg, and for this we will be forever grateful!

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