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From Spain: Anna Maria Ganarul Perez

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JJ Rocks Article # 2:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue #1, October, 2006

I honestly cant understand why this girl isnt hot on the Latin charts! But as youll find out in our very first issue of STCROIXMUSIC.COM, we have made a great discovery. Not to say that she is an unknown artist, because Im sure that many people know her music. We just want to try to bring her talents to as many people as this publication reaches. And hopefully, with all the countries that we are reaching, that will be a lot. Our list of bands (and their friends) that we contact from around the world is constantly growing.

Born in Zaragoza, Spain, the first step in Annas career as a singer was at the age of four when she participated in a song contest on Spanish radio. Later she enrolled in the Niccolo Paganinni conservatory in Zaragoza where she studied piano, musical forms, choir and soloist. She quickly learned that singing was her passion. When she was 9 she traveled throughout Spain with a musical group called Rainbow. Also at the same age she won first prize as a singer in a prestigious contest in her hometown. Since then she has won numerous awards in Spain and the US. You can read about them if you visit her website that Ill list at the end of this column.

Presently Anna is with a group in Miami called Ahnika, and they are producing some very polished recordings and sophisticated arrangements. This is a band that I would love to see here at our own Divi Casino one day. This band kicks! Id love to see if they do the acoustic guitar parts on this recording live! They sound like a top notch Latin dance/recording band and I can see them getting a huge following. Well, that is as long as Anna is up front! Not to take anything away from this wonderful band, but this article is centered around, and inspired by Annas incredible voice. And as you can see, she has the looks to go with it! I just wish that I had a clearer picture, but I cant get in touch with her at the moment because she might be on tour. So whether its with Ahnika or a back up band of some of St. Croixs finest, Im sure that she would be well received here in paradise.

So please take the time to listen to more of her incredible voice and to leave her a message on her website below, and dont forget to tell her that you heard her here on St. Croix Music Magazine.

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