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From Germany: Go Panic

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JJ Rocks Article #7: From Germany: Go Panic

This band has a refreshing sound that seems to draw a little from the clean, clear and catchy music of the sixties, while maintaining the adventures pursuits of a modern day rock band. This band is called Go Panic.

Their music is well constructed and well thought out. No bar jammers here. As soon as you hear them you can tell that all the parts of their songs are well placed like the gears in a fine timepiece. Every part has its purpose and function and is meant to take you on a journey through several minutes of a very enjoyable musical experience. Fresh is the first word that comes to mind when I hear this group. Listening to their first song just made me want to hear the next one. It didnt leave me all wound up or depressed like some of the new rock thats been coming over the air waves lately. Im sure that you will easily recognize that the intentions of this band are to keep a clear focus on the song itself, not the playing abilities of any individual member. Along with having great vocals, this band has quite a nice package of tight instrumentation and a well balanced recipe of rhythmic, lyrical and melodic statements. And of course they make the whole thing fun by being as catchy as any song that youve ever hummed or whistled while still keeping their originality. Thats a hard formula to find.

The members of this wonder group are Nic Olsen on lead vocals and guitar, Adam Conner on lead guitar, Jeremy Teigan on rhythm guitar, Cliff Alexander on bass and Ben Sander on drums. Anyone who enjoys any kind of rock or pop music would be missing out if they passed up the opportunity to download and listen to this band!

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