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From Tennessee, USA: Heather Cowles

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JJ Rocks Article # 8: From Tennessee, USA: Heather Cowles

They say that the real test of a songs quality is to hear it in its rawest form. For instance, hearing it with only a guitar and one voice and not imbedded inside of a complex musical arrangement. That also seems to be the best way to listen to and critique someones voice. This gets right down to the meat and potatoes of true talent. Packaging these musical elements inside of a bands full sound is what should come later. Not too many of us have the courage to reveal our musical selves without the comfort of a lot of musicians in the background. Rarely theres an example of true talent that needs no support from a gathering of instrumentalist to shine on there own like a musical diamond. A golden voice that would make any band sound great, not the other way around. Now, if you combine that with great songwriting ability, you have the makings of a true superstar. You have Heather Cowles.

Originally from Columbus, Georgia, Heather now lives around Nashville, Tennessee. She said that she is surrounded by nature and loves her environment. I guess that contributes to her natural sounding voice and the mood of her songs. A pure tone like that doesnt usually come from breathing in the smog of a big city. But Im sure that no matter where she lives there will always be the voice of an angel coming from this beautiful and gifted musical artist. There are those who have talented voices, and then there are those who seemed to be blessed with a voice from above. Once you hear her sing you wont have any problem deciding which of the two is Heather Cowles.

Presently working as a demo singer in Nashville, Heather has also just signed with Spectra records. Along with her new band Im sure there will be success for her in what ever musical direction that she pursues. But for now, please dont deny yourself the chance to hear her in a recording that someday may become a collectors item. Its just Heather and her guitar, and of course her outstanding songwriting. Enjoy!

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