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From Netherlands: Jaymz

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JJ Rocks Article # 9: From Netherlands: Jaymz
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 2, November, 2006
You know, in this day and age, when it comes to R+B music, its easy for someone to get the feeling of being blanketed over by a new generation of talkers, not singers. Sometimes, we loose all hope of ever hearing real rhythm and blues coming over the air waves. A lot of the music comes from machines, not musicians. And with our latest phase of this classic American music there seems to be a lack of the artistic endeavors that were meant to uplift our intellect, not just move our bodies. This is no longer the age of Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder. Sometimes we seem to be overcome by an electronic drum beat with words. But every once in awhile theres a band that comes along and puts it all back together. That perfect mix between groove, composition, energy and raw talent. A band that lets you feel the music, and at the same time entices your attention. A band called Jaymz!

Hailing from Arnhem, Netherlands, Jaymz is a wonderful group of talented singers and musicians who have a sound that most people would expect from an American band. I say this because of the impression that a lot of us get when we hear solid classic sounding R+B. But this band represents another fine example of our incredible international music scene. Its Proof that there are diverse musicians coming from places that some of us only dream about visiting.

With Evander Croft on keyboards, Jay Tee on bass, Jusso Whistler on drums, along with Michael De Viso, Anton P., and Hester Gorter on backing vocals, they lay down an incredible bed of music and plush background vocals. This is a shining package of grooves and a high concentrate of soul that opens up to reveal the very polished voice of Jayms, the groups fantastic lead singer.

This is sophisticated soul at its highest level. When a band gets this good and there is no higher place to go with your sound quality, there are only lateral moves to choose from. And the band Jaymz has definitely found there spot in the world of musical individuality, while remaining true to a sound that will never grow old. This magazine gives a standing ovation to a great band that is committed to carrying on the tradition of what R+B should really sound like.

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