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The Magic Bond

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JJ Rocks Article # 10: The Magic Bond

In todays world of high security travel and political ridicule, I cant think of a better time to shine a light on the real peace makers. To show appreciation to a part of our society that has continuously shown the rest of us how to combine our abilities, reach for a common goal, share our talents, and most all of come together as a group and work in harmony. Its time for us to stop thinking of them as being there for our entertainment only, and to start noticing the obvious lesson that can be learned from this most important part of humanity. Lets give a standing ovation to our musicians!

Of course many people who play music, like people from all walks of life sometimes get into arguments, act like total idiots, and hurt themselves by indulging into the sins of modern man. Maybe that seemingly eternal reputation that some bands get has clouded over the real values that musicians as a whole really represent. Im not saying that the individuals involved in music are better than others or should be treated differently, only that theres a lesson to be learned from observing their unity. Maybe its not the people in music, but the music in the people.

To some, the term music in the people may bring to mind the ones who listen to, appreciate and follow the music. And of course without them there would be very little music in the world. But as the old saying goes, It takes two to tango. Theres the ones who make the music and the ones who take the music. Thats the yin yang of it all. Without both the whole musical world would be out of balance. And as much as some people dont want to hear this, and contrary to some popular beliefs, just being a great listener and lover of music does not put you on the same wavelength as a real musician. The cool thing is that most dedicated music listening connoisseurs know the difference. But there are many who dont.

Most people dont realize that many working musicians live their lives between the hopeful glimmer of a garage band, and the brightness of a newly discovered star. I mean the bands that play the bars and casinos, the parties and the weddings, along with the ones that are only concerned with hearing that perfect playback in the studio. And let me point out that Im not just referring to the players that have chosen music for a career, but all the people who try there best to play to please who ever may be listening. Not just the fame seekers. Not just the secluded diehards who dedicate every waking moment to their technique and are only satisfied with a certain level of musical expertise, but all who feel that magic bond with another human being that has been overcome by the same enchanting spell.

Its not often that you hear about a musician going out and killing and robbing people. And when there are great tragedies in the world its the musicians who stand up first and try to raise money to help. And how many wars do you know of that were started by musicians? Now remember, just because a person can blow a few notes on a horn or bang on a drum with a straight rock beat doesnt make them a musician. Someone who is really dedicated to playing music doesnt think of it in the same category as stamp collecting or any other hobby. To them its more like eating, sleeping or breathing. They dont have to tell themselves when to do any of those things because something inside tells them when its time. Its the same with music, and its a part of there lives.

I have a theory for you to think about. Picture a bunch of people that never got along and putting them all in the same block to live in. Now these are people that in most cases would be verbally abusing each other all day long. Now imagine giving all of them musical instruments and keeping them busy practicing for one year with out any contact with each other. At the end of the year you allow them talk to each other again. Do you think there would be any difference? This musician would bet anything that there would be a great difference. I can imagine them being more interested in getting a band together than fighting. Sure, there would be the egos and the attitudes. Hey, what can I say? Id rather deal with those things than watch the news and see people killing each other.

Well, maybe some of you think that Im saying that music is a cure all for the problems of the world. Im not saying that any more than Id say that keeping your hands clean will get rid of all known diseases. But it does help. And since music is a very good cleanser of negative thoughts, Id say that its a great place to start. And since it can bring people together who normally would probably never even talk to each other, I would have to say that the best name for this incredible phenomenon would be The Magic Bond. Musically speaking that is.

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