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From Portugal: Moe Francesco

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JJ Rocks Article # 12: Moe Francesco

There are many elements in music that attract all kinds of people, and of course its usually the combination of these elements in various mixtures that create the recipes that we feast upon when its time to satisfy our musical taste buds. And this writer knows when his appetite is in need of a change of pace from music with too much of an edge, not enough emotion, and a formula that lends itself to musical prostitution. Thats when I need a sound that expresses musical expertise without overboard complexities. And its when I want to listen to something that fits my mood and floats me away while still keeping the attention of my musical intellect. Thats when I listen to Mo Francesco.

Ive been a lover of the upright bass ever since I heard such greats as Neils Pederson and Slam Stewart. Being very difficult to master, this large wooden work of art carries a tone that is second to none when its in the hands of a true professional like Mo. Whether the strings are set into vibrations with his fingers or with a flowing bow, he is totally in charge of the intonation required while performing on this highly respected instrument. And he does all this while appearing to be having the time of his life. What musician could ask for more! And if you add the fact that he is also a fine electric bassist, it just puts this man much higher on the stairway to musical bliss.

Originally from Italy, Mo Francesco now resides in Lisbon, Portugal where he plays with several bands that range in styles and size. Terrakota, Tora Tora, and the Savio Araujo Quartet are just a few of his musical ventures. Years earlier in Italy he studied violin and cello at the prestigious Scuola Civica di Milano, and after two years he changed to the double bass. Later in Havana, Cuba he continued his bass studies along with Latin jazz, Cuban music and folklore at Escuela Nacional de Artes where he had the opportunity to play with various Cuban musicians. He also studied with Massimo Cavalli in Lisbon and with Afonso Pais at the Barreiro school of jazz.

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