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From California: BB Chung King

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JJ Rocks Articls # 13: BB Chung King
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 3, December, 2006

When it comes to blues I always liked mine a little well done and not to tender in the middle. I dont want soft brushes across a wimpy snare or gutless guitar with bends that never reach their destination. And when it comes to vocals, I never cared for a soft depressing voice that just cries out to be slapped off your stereo. I just want a band that makes me want to flex my forearms and grit my teeth with emotion through the whole song. And I just love a band that can stay in the tradition of a standard blues progression but still make it their own. I guess thats what separates the bands that you hear at a blues jam session from the kind that you see on a concert stage. I guess I just like blues that rocks! And I really like this band that we are featuring in our first Christmas issue called BB Chung King and the Buddaheads. Their name might be tongue and cheek, but their music is balls and guts!

This very tight and aggressive blues rock band hails fro Burbank California and has a power trio line up that seems to continue a tradition that was laid down by bands like Zeppelin, ZZ Tops, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. This would be a great band to listen at a concert in a park on a hot sunny day with kegs of ice cold beer and cut off jeans. But thats just one picture that popped up in my head, because I can see this band playing anywhere that required a solid, power packed professional band that grabs hold of an audience and doesnt let go until the fat lady sings the blues!

With a line up containing Alan Mirikitani on vocals and guitar, Johnny Griparic on bass, and Lee Spath on drums they seem to have all the right stuff for a kick butt bar or concert band. They are also the first blues rock band that we have featured here at SCM. So for the many bands out there playing this kind of music that might be reading this column, just take a listen to this band and then youll know the kind of standards that you will be judged by to be featured in this publication. Great bluesy vocals, tasteful guitar with a touch of flash, and a solid rhythm section makes this bands deliverance a package of dynamite that only takes your attention to light the fuse.

So we would like to say thanks to BB Chung King and the Buddaheads for making it very easy for us to decide on what band was going to be playing the blues in our Christmas issue. And since many people down here in paradise love the blues, we are going to spread the word. And who knows, maybe you guys can come down and play at one of our blues festivals. Im sure everyone would love you! And to our readers, please feel free to visit their site that we have listed in our bands column at the top of the home page and youll find more songs that will probably make you want to buy their CD. And to activate your Buddaheads tastes buds, just download the song below. And if you want more of their music or want to contact them just go to our bands column at the top of the homepage

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