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From Guatemala: Shery

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JJ Rocks Article # 14: From Guatemala: Shery


You know, I love a good ballad. And even though I dont thoroughly understand all of these beautiful sounding Spanish lyrics, its incredible deliverance says enough for me. I say that because not only does the mood of this piece tame my inner beast, but the quality and the tone of the person singing it rivals many of the famous vocalist that are household names. But I think what I like the most about this talented and very beautiful musical artist is the texture of her voice. In a day when many female singers try to overwhelm you with their twisting, turning, vibrato and vocal range, its a relief to hear someone who sings more with her heart than her desire to show of her technical capacities, yet still draws attention to the quality of her voice. Thats a perfect balance. Thats Shery.

Coming from Guatemala, Shery is fairly new to the music scene. She writes all her own songs and has recorded a CD that contains a song that reached #26 on the Guatemalan top 40 charts. And at one time it was the most requested song in her country. Thats pretty good for someone so fresh in the business. She also plans to record her songs in several languages including English, which would be good for all us non Spanish speaking fans!

We dont know much about any of the musicians that played on her songs but they did a great job of backing her beautifully textured voice along with adding great dimension to the arrangements.
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You can hear her at this link: