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From Trinidad: Aldin Soondar

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JJ Rocks Article # 18: From Trinidad: Aldin Soondar
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 4, January, 2007
What can I say? This is a very special column for me personally. Now any musician that makes it to this column is good, but most are self made players and had their own beginnings. But the one that I saved to start the New Year with has a place in my heart that is not shared by many others. This musician started as my student and has since played in several bands and is getting reading to go back to his home on the island of Trinidad and become an in demand player. This musicians name is Aldin Soondar.

Aldin first came to me as a student with his little learner acoustic guitar. I wasnt teaching many students at the time and so he came several times a week. Sometimes it was almost every night. And I have to say that Aldin is the most quite student that Ive ever had. He would just sit there and take instruction like no one before him. And when things got really intense and I was rambling on an on, he would just give me a big smile and I would lighten up. But to say the least, some of our sessions were very serious musically speaking. But one day out of the blue he said I want to learn to play the bass. Of course I said cool and he took to it like a duck takes to water.

One other great quality Aldin has is his lack of musical prejudice. I remember when I used to think that being an island guy he would lean towards Reggae and Calypso. But one day I went to his house and he was learning some classic Journey songs on his own. I think thats the day that he passed from being only a student to becoming a real musician. He was on a roll and self powered and bearing his own musical fruits. And another great thing is that he didnt spend his time dropping names and talking band gossip like so many want to be musicians do on this island. He was now the real deal and if he talked music at all it was about something that he wanted to play. He was definitely walking the walk and not just talking the talk. After all, isnt that the one thing that separates real musicians from just hobby players? Well I guess it was at that point when I knew I wanted to join him and not just teach him.

Before you know it we were in a classic rock band together. Then he played on my jingles that are still on the radio. Then another band, this time we were playing reggae and R+B. Then somehow we wound up with a power rock Seattle type band that thrashed their way through songs. We still laugh about that one because it was fun but not what we were looking for. It got to the point that Aldin could adapt to any kind of music, and thats why hes is being featured as musician of the month and not student. He passed that point along time ago.

But as fate has it Aldin is going to go back to Trinidad, but this time hes going there as a real musician! And believe me, I dont use that term lightly. And Im sure that any band that he joins will love not only his playing, but his wonderful personality and smile. Im going to miss him dearly.

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