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From New Zealand: Angela Steele

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JJ Rocks Article # 19: From New Zealand: Angela Steele
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 4, January, 2007
You know, its always a pleasure to hear a young singing artist who is making a splash and getting some attention. And this publication is always ready to spread the word on these musical blossoms. But once in a great while theres one that shows a variety of abilities and attracts a brighter light to shine on them. Now Im not just talking about the extra effort given to those who also have the skills of dancing or acting. Im referring to an individual who at a very early age shows the unique and respectable talent of being a composer. To me that is more important than only showcasing your voice. Because I feel that creating something shows a much higher level of talent than demonstrating an acquired musical ability. Now if you combine the two you come up with artist like Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, and Joni Mitchell. These people grabbed their bulls by the horn and decided that they were going to make a lifetime statement. And from my research, so does young Angela Steele.

Being from the beautiful country of New Zealand, Angela started to write and record her own songs at the very young age of eight years old. When I first heard her two years ago on Garageband, I wrote one of her signature reviews under the name of JJ Rocks. Thats when I first heard her singing her original composition Girl in the Mirror. Her voice had a tender and authentic texture like a vocalist that you would hear in a musical and not like someone who was trying to be a Whitney Houston sound alike. It was heart felt and sincere. Since then she has accomplished more than many adults only dream about. Now of course having parents that truly believe in you make all the difference, and without the combination of them and her talents I probably wouldnt be writing this article. So please allow me to give you some of her bio and music information that I retrieved from my research.

Angela Steele Songwriter/ Vocalist
Musical arrangers- Tony Strong (NZ), Tommy Allred (Memphis, TN), Jason Taylor (CAN) Mikael Erola (GER) and other talented musicians from around the globe

At ten years old Angela already has so many live performance credits it's hard to list them all here. Her largest gig was in front of 200,000 as part of Coca Cola's Christmas-in-the-Park extravaganza in 2005. The event was televised live. Invited back again this year to sing her originally penned rock&roll song "Alphabet Rock", finalist in the UK International Songwriting Competition this year.

In 2004 Angela began writing her own lyrics and humming tunes. Her first song writing effort "The Girl in the Mirror" was runner up in the miscellaneous category of the prestigious UK International Songwriting Competition. A fantastic achievement. Spurred on by this success Angela has either written or co-written lyrics to several songs including:

"Last one outta Bed's a Rockin' Egg" (latest song)
"Granny's Bones" semi finalist ISC 2005
"Alphabet Rock" Finalist UKSC 2006
"Bling Bling" 21st century rock'n'roll (new song)
"Mama won't let me" Semi finalist ISC 2005
"Lets Dance" (new song)
New pair o' shoes (Rock and Roll)

("Granny's Bones" and "Mama won't let me" both won through to the third round of judging (ISC Song contest. ("Granny's Bones" eventually reaching the semi-finals.)

Demo versions of "Mama won't let me (2005)", "Girl in the Mirror (2004)", and "Alphabet Rock (2006)" can be heard by clicking the Audio tab above.

Angela's Feature Film career is also on the rise with a small part (Lunchbox Girl) in the Disney Movie "Bridge to Teribithia" release date February 2007. Angela also features in the Indy short "The Memory Booth" and her first starring role will be in Peter Haynes "Hungry Ghost," A psychological thriller. Filming is scheduled for Feb 2007 in Malaysia.

Angela co-starred in the 10 episode prime time TV series in 2006 "Top of the Class" where 6 Children paired up with 6 celebrities as their Mini-me's and they all attended a Hogwarts style old English school.

As well as Singing, Songwriting, Movies, Television and performing in front of thousands, Angela also managed to fit in a season of "Les Miserables" as Little Cosette to sellout audiences. What a year.

Without any formal voice training this 10 year old prodigy can sing beautifully AND write award winning songs AND perform in front of huge crowds AND act.

From entertaining at hospitals and rest homes to outdoor events in front of thousands of families Angela is gaining a broad fan base and is a great role model for "Tweenies" everywhere.

"Angel" 2004
"Girl in the Mirror" 2005
"Grannys Bones" 2005
"Mama Won't Let Me" 2005
"Deli Llama" 2005
"Bling Bling" 2006
"Alphabet Rock" 2006
"Last one outta bed's a Rockin' Egg" 2006
"Somebody Somewhere" 2006
"Dance with me" 2006
"New pair o' shoes" 2006

So what do you think of that! And shes now only ten years old! We here at St. Croix Music Magazine are happy that she is now part of our wonderful musical family of artist that we feature each month in our Spotlight Zone column. Angela, please feel free to check out your other musical family members in our previous issues and I think that you will be proud to join them. And to all our readers worldwide, please download and listen to her singing her own original song Girl in the Mirror, and also go to our bands listing column at the top of our homepage to get info on visiting her website and hearing her more recent recordings at 10 years old.

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