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From Brazil: Heitor Castro

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JJ Rocks Article # 20: From Brazil: Heitor Castro
Music meets adventure. Those are the words that come to mind as soon as I listen to this mans music. Each piece is a journey through a well rehearsed and thought out plan to move you gracefully from level to level of ever expanding ideas and musical phrases, while still allowing freedom through his fluid and unique skills as a guitarist. I guess many of you (like me) are thinking thats a goal that most of us want to reach. To simplify this for our young musicians, its a great balance between composition and improvisation. And it is created by Heitor Castro from Rio, Brazil.

Heitor doesnt talk about himself that much, as you will read in his bio section on his website, but he leans more towards describing what he was feeling when he composed his music. I can respect that because besides your hometown, genre, and what instrument you play, it should be about your music and not where you studied music or bought your first guitar. This musician tells us what inspired and motivated him to compose what was in his heart, and that my friends is what music is all about.

Many people claim to play world fusion, and of course some are very good at it. And I can appreciate the ethnic sounds that some bands use to communicate their feelings and what part of the world that they are from. But in my opinion Heitor is a true world fusion musician because he does exactly what the term implies. He fuses together not only ethnic sounds with other styles which most world fusion artist accomplish, but he also fuses together a wide variety of human emotions with technical wizardry that not only attracts your attention, but demands it. And at the same time he serves it to you like a musical chef who wants to please your most demanding artistic taste buds.
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