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From Florida, USA: Rebecca Zapen

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JJ Rocks Article #21: From Florida, USA: Rebecca Zapen

Its hard these days to find someone with a singing voice that sounds as natural as someone talking. Singers who push their voice in to having an unnatural character are similar in a way to actors that overact. It kind of makes my toes curl. But I just heard a song that made me relax while enjoying the comforts of a very on key voice with wonderful jazz character, and well written, light hearted lyrics encased in a polished arrangement and a top notch recording. I just heard Rebecca Zapen.

While researching and communicating with this fine artist I discovered that she was so versatile that we both couldnt decide on what song to mention in with her article. Usually its the other way around. In many cases I spend a lot of time picking someones best song to highlight and when I find it I feel as if I reached a certain peak in my investigation. But with Rebecca I feel as if Im only scratching the surface and I cant wait to hear more! And Im sure that many of you will feel the same.  And as youll also learn, shes also a fine violinist who plays jazz, classical, swing and much more.

So if you are in the mood for something thats polished, interesting and original, shows great vocal abilities, superb playing, genuine heartfelt and sometimes humorous lyrics, youre ready for Rebecca Zapen.  Im sure you will want to add her to your music collection.

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Here is a link to her music: