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From Israel: Kill the Drive

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JJ Rocks Article # 31: From Israel: Kill the Drive

When I think of punk music I think of many bands from the 70s with rings in their lips and orange hair. They had an energy that was very respectable, but a level of music expertise that was not. But the songs were fun to play and that was worth the ride. So when I saw that this band was a punk band, I was hesitant at first to check them out for an article. But then I reminded myself that even if I was never particularly fond of punk, as long as the band was tight and clean that I would check them out. Now that was a decision that I will never regret. What can I say but WOW! This band from Israel set me back in my chair! In my opinion, they took punk to a new level and they turned me into a fan. A fan of the band Kill the Drive.

As soon as their song Nuclear Panic got past the short swirling electronic sounding intro, it exploded into a drum groove that takes me back to some of the power drums of the eighties big concert bands. This is something that I didnt expect from a punk band. Then I was taken on a journey through a song that was as catchy as a pop tune while still maintaining a drive that was pinning me against the wall! And after a short breakdown in the middle with a bass groove, the guitarist did a small solo with a big impact because he was able to be melodic while still paying respect to the pentatonic formula usually associated with that genre of music.

So it is with pride that I say to this band welcome to the family! Im sure that our readers will be very impressed with the direction that they have taken Punk music into, and the level of musical quality that they use to express it. And dont forget to visit them in our bands column where we feature a link to their site. Their article will always be in this issue and I hope that it becomes a musical collectors item for all their fans.

With Lavy Josephsohn on lead guitar and backing vocals, Eyal Riener on lead vocals and bass, and Gideon Berger playing monster drums, Kill the Drive gives you the feeling off being on a giant thrill ride that takes you through twist and turns and flips you upside down at high altitudes. All with the end result of you being back at the front of the ticket line screaming lets do it again!

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