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From California, USA: Chasm

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JJ Rocks Article # 200: From California, USA: Chasm

One of my favorite kinds of jazz is created when musicians dont set boundaries or limitations, but only display a higher respect to melodic content. It brings to mind the aroma of great coffee, intelligent conversation, and dim lit gatherings where musical intellect meets with your emotions. Or maybe Dorothy and I are just out in our yard picking tropical fruits listening to a great band called Chasm from Ventura, California.

We were immediately drawn to the aura that surrounded their sound. It seems that their doors were wide open to artistic approaches, great chops, creative compositions, and worldwide influences. And as they carefully fuse these musical elements together, Chasm makes sure that they are delivered with style and class. This band represents the true definition of world music.

So lets all welcome Mark Esakoff on guitar and marimba, Michael Whipple on flute, drums, and percussions, Brad Stricland on guitar, Arne Anselm on acoustic bass, and Aaron winters on drums and percussion to our international musical family. We take pride in choosing our bands to review, and Chasm is a shinning example of what keeps our engines running. Happy New Year Chasm!

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