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FS PROJEKT + PureGainAudio!

FS PROJEKT's latest single "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) is now available at! load

Meshuggah?!... Djent?!...

😲😱 = when such words as "Meshuggah" and "djent" are used with respect to FS PROJEKT's music. 👍

Read more in a fresh and very interesting review of FS PROJEKT's music by Contaminated Tones (Thanks a lot, Orion_M!).


FS PROJEKT's latest single "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) was featured in the EURONEWS METAL #29 digest by European Metal Channel!
Check it out via the link below!

Vocals Pre-Production is Finally Done!

Next stage - guitar & bass parts verification prior to their final tracking!

"Kredo Tvoyo" Featured on Against PR Compilation!

FS PROJEKT's latest single "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) was selected for Against PR's (Portugal) new compilation CD titled "Death" (5,000 copies) to be distributed both physically and digitally worldwide!

A Metal Oratorio...

The work on the vocal parts for the next FS PROJEKT release is nearing its end. Usually Efes does not reveal any details before the actual release, but in this case an exception from the rule can be made.

1) The upcoming release will be longer than any of the previous FS PROJEKT's creations;

2) One of the new songs will be a metal oratorio.

FS PROJEKT on Argentinian Radio!

Some time ago FS PROJEKT's song "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) was aired on the FM SHOCK 107.7 Radio (Argentina) Encrucijada Melodica - #3/2017. The song was also reviewed. You can listen to the recording of the air via the link below (39:26)

Still Working on Vocals for the Next Release


Efes in Prince Charman's "Morning Star"!

Efes co-produced, arranged and recorded the bass for Prince Charman's brand new single "Morning Star"!

You can listen to it via the link below.

Apart from Efes, the following awesome people worked on the song:

Prince Charman - music, lyrics, vocals; Mike Trubetskov (EOL Studios) - production, mixing, guitars arrangements & tracking; Rodrigo Abelha - drums; Curtis Hatton (Curtis Jay) - vocals tracking; Nicholas Roberto Di Lorenzo (Panorama Mixing & Mastering) - mastering.

Re-Re-Re :)

The work on new FS Projekt songs goes on. Apart from the creativity, recording and experiments with tone, arrangements, delivery and lyrics, it also involves such tedious stuff as planning, scheduling, rescheduling, checking, rechecking, re-recheking, re-re-re... Anyway, you get the idea... However, nothing will be left to chance!