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A Try For Your Soul by Joe La Bianca

A Try for Your Soul by Joe La Bianca
Allow me to have a try for your soul. Let me attempt to change your mind, or reaffirm what you already believe.
There are those who believe in God, and those who say they do not. They only say that they do not believe when in fact they are holding down the truth of God, trying to restrain what is clear to them. The habitual holding down of the truth of Gods existence results in materialism.
To the materialist, creation is all there is. They only believe in what they can see, touch or observe. If you cant find it in space, matter, or energy, it does not exist. To them, seeing is believing. Creation itself is enough to prove the existence of God. But there is something more, something beyond the physical creation that proves God.
Let me show you that the thing responsible for every wonderful invention that mankind ever made is separate from the creation, yet is just as real. Our thoughts!
Thoughts do not take up space; they are not matter, and though the brain has energy, thoughts are separated from the physical aspects of our bodies. Energy cannot produce information, only the intelligent soul can.
If the most influential and creative things are of the soul, and separate from creation, then there is more than what we see. There is something more than the physical universe. There is something invisible, intangible, unable to be observed in a laboratory, yet we all know its there. This something is responsible for everything we ever made, every form of communication, every piece of art, strain of music, work of literary genius. It is the cause of all our fears and hopes. It is within us and will last beyond us. It is our eternal soul.
Now let me give you the simple belief that will save that soul. We have a Savior. His name is Jesus, but you already knew that. He died for our sins and rose from the dead. If you believe this, you are secure, you are saved. If you only trust this happy news, you need not worry. You are accepted in the Beloved. There is not one single thing you must do in addition to simple faith in the Savior, despite all the things that the religious say. Dont believe them, even if they have a bible verse. The misinterpretation of the bible is the greatest threat to our peace. So be glad that you have a Savior who will secure your soul in glory. Be glad that Jesus said, It is finished on the cross. He finished the work of salvation for you, if you only believe.
God has placed eternity in the heart of man. Its there and we know it. This inner thing will endure passed the last earthly day. Care for it. Look to it, for the kingdom of God is within you. Jesus will bring this kingdom out, by faith in Him. He will establish you in the never ending reign of Christ, just because you believed in His cross.