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Lynn Langtry - Blog

Special invitation for you from Lynn

Dear Friends, Fans and Fellow Musicians,
I have been accepted as one of five persons selected for Tommy Darkers 100 days Accelerator program!
I am very excited about my new goals and I am working hard to reach them. The focus of my 100 day program is all about youI want to communicate directly with my fans and friends and fellow musicians in a unique way.
I have set up a mailing list on my website and I hope you will sign up. The purpose of my mailing program is to personalize each interactionfeel free to ask me questions, make comments on anything on my site, about my music, or just stop by to say hello.
In the past, I have really enjoyed messages sent to me, comments and requests. I have always answered each one myself individually. What you say has real meaning for me and I hope I can provide a unique communication experience for each of you.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so very much.
Lynn Langtry

new songs

I had a great time this last week on a road trip with my sister. We were invited to a great event where I was privileged to go on stage and sing a song with the S.R.O. Dance Band...such a wonderful band and a fun time!
I have added two new songs ... Emerald Crystals, a Bossa Nova & Dos Estrellas (Mamba)
I had spent 9 years living in Latin America and Spanish is my second first language now. I love Latin Jazz and Latin Rhythms/dance music.
These two songs were great fun to create.
Many thanks to Pete from The Green Room Recording Studio Abbotsford BC Canada.

World Music Theme

Hello Fans Friends and Fellow Musicians,

I am so very excited about the direction my latest album is going is so I wanted to share the news with you. Color of Light is an album with a touch of world music.Purple Hearts is written in the Hungarian minor scale; I have added a Celtic flare to Fog...(having a strong Irish background) Sunset's Kiss is written in my second language, Spanish. I have been learning Hindi so the song 'Color of Light' will be in the Hindi language. I have a very good friend who is from Korea and she has translated Yellow Butterflies for me in Korean...this is just the is a wonderful journey and I hope you enjoy it with me as each song is uploaded after the recording studio sessions and mastering.
Best wishes to all of you and thank you for being there for me.


Canadian Sonwriting Competition

I entered 4 songs in the's to hoping.

Canadian Musicican Magazine

Here is a quote from the article:
Lynn Langtry
Canadian Musician Magazine
November-December edition 2017

What: Singer-Songwriter
Where: Surrey, BC

"Surrey, BCs Lynn Langtry is a multi-disciplinary artist that expresses herself via novels, visual arts, and, of course, through song. Her original music has been performed by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and, through a cultural exchange program with the Dominican Republic, the Amethyst Concert Group.

Her most current music release is Elements, a project that sees Langtry using song to highlight the texture, style, and tone behind her work. In addition to work on a new studio album, one of her latest projects is the documentary film The Ocean in Our Backyard, in which music is uniquely used in lieu of dialogue"

second award

this is the second one

won two awards

our film featuring my music won two awards so far in the 2017-2018 Film Festival season. My sister and I are so pleased with the results...there are still more upcoming festivals we have entered.
The film features 6 of my songs.

Canadian Musician Magazine

Hello Friends,
Here is an update...My feature will be in the November-December 2017 edition of this magazine both in print and online. I am very grateful for this opportunity.
If you would like to see it is the website.
it will likely be under the heading 'Showcase'
Best wishes to all

Canadian Musician Magazine Showcase feature

I just received this today...Congratulations, Lynn! Your submission to Canadian Musician Magazines Showcase feature has been selected. I will be featured for September-December ...I will blog when the Showcase is online.
I'm very excited!

Laurel from "Depth of Film Film Festival