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555 - now with lyrics

Finally got around to doing lyrics/vocals for this song.

Pls have a listen and rate... thanks much.

New song release

this song is about unspoken social rules...

Please have a listen and rate. Thanks much.

New song

please have listen and rate...

I will reciprocate, if you let me know.... thanks much.

New song release

Please check out my latest tune, here:

I would greatly appreciate a rating, if you can spare some time.
Thanks much!!

RE: JJ's article, "Musically Speaking: Self indulgent"

RE: Self Indulgent

Once again, JJ's article on this subject hit home for me, even though I am currently on a punk rock mission. If you look in Wikipedia, their description of punk in regards to solos concurs almost word for word with JJ's assessment. Indeed, it seems the punk genre tends to look down on flashy solos.

This is where I see an opportunity to be different. I strive for melodic and tasteful solos in my music, which is perhaps not so common in punk. Speed and hammering are not really required, but a bit of tasteful awesomeness... is always awesome, in my view.

I do like punk for its catchy beats and rhythms. I am not so into the speed-punk thing, as that tends to go past the groove-zone I am looking for. But some of the catchiest rhythms and beats, IMO, come out of punk.

What I am also doing different with my punk music, is not following the traditional convention of parallel octaves and power chords. Where the bass just follows exactly what the guitar is playing, and it sounds like the bass player is just a guitar player who isn't as good as the lead, and so was put on bass-duty.

No. I am actually adding counterpoint and harmony wherever I can in my bass lines, and make use of triads and first position chords in the guitar lines. Example: depending on the progression, I might be able to work in an F in the bass against an Am guitar chord, which effectively turns that part of the progression into an Fmaj7 chord. Or I may play on the 3rd or 7th while the guitar plays a power chord (yes, I still use them) - thereby forcing a triad. I have even worked in a flat 5th at some point.

I guess my point is, when convention says musical expression and talent are self-indulgent, there may be an opportunity.

Guitar Tech

well, I am forced to learn a bit more about guitar maintenance. The Kahler string-hook on my Carvin v220 broke... and I've had a fine tuner knob broken for a while. Where i live, even the nearest guitar store doesnt do work like this, let alone carry parts.

So, it's DIY. I had to have someone State-side order parts for me and mail them.... takes a few weeks, and that certainly set back my recording schedule. A bit of a trick to replace that string hook... had to custom-make a tool to push out the pin -- heh, I ground down the threads off of a stainless steel coffee press plunger shaft (from a broken press).... and used that to tap out the pin. worked great, actually.

Next, I need to drill and reverse-screw out the broken fine tuner... already cleaned a lot of the corrosion off. Hey, this was made in the '80's.... and its very humid here.

But this is kinda normal around here in the boondocks -- having to DIY so many things. As a Westerner, especially in regards to food, it's DIY or go without. I have learned to make my own smoked bacon, ham, western sausages, sourdough culture, buttermilk culture, jams, and so much more....

Anyway, I was close to completing my next music project when the stringhook broke. Hope to post soon...

JJ's article really speaks to me

wow. i just love this article written by JJ.

Money and Respect

I left America 15 years ago -- in part due to the tech bubble crash and having an opportunity overseas, as well as just being sick and tired of the culture of greed and "affluenza" - basing one's self-worth on the amount in their bank account. This works both ways -- and I would say Americans without large accounts also suffer from the condition, only in the opposite way -- they have a low sense of self worth, even though they may be wonderful people. But given a bit of cash, some of these same people become raging a-holes, arrogant, and talking as if an authority on everything, even though their lack of fundamental knowledge comes through.

After living outside the bubble of a money-centric culture, the logical fallacies and utter nonsense that result of such thought, strikes me as grossly abnormal. If anyone else has had a degree level interview, or even a sales job interview, most may have come up against a question in the interview "so what motivates you most?" We know the answer they are looking for: "money". That is the "correct" answer for the interview, but the wrong answer in reality (and probably in your heart... c'mon, you know it). It is embedded in the culture, and most people are unaware. Whatever you say, never say "self-fulfillment", "honor", or "respect". That'll never get you a job, except maybe in rare cases where the company culture is counter to norm.

I left the rat-race a long time ago, and decided to pursue what i enjoy, instead of what i think is going to make me the most money. I also prioritized the raising of my son, and spending TIME with him (the REAL and ultimate currency of life) to teach him all the things a father should, and not leaving it all up to a state institution. Until recently (health issues), i could have been out making 6-figs (I have a BS and MBA), but that is not as important to me as being there for my son (almost 8yrs old).

Its the "little" things that are important to me (though they are not little to my son). Example: I have been trying to teach him how to swim for the past year... and just this weekend, I helped/pushed him take a big step -- to swim without the water-wings. And he did it! This makes me happier than being able to afford a jetski or buy a new car, when my old classic still works great and looks.... classic.

When people from the West come visit, and try to play a money comparison game, they are barking up the wrong tree.

Another New Punk Song

One more punk tune with a dash of humor - in the lyrics as well as in the music.

Please have a listen and rate!
Thanks...much appreciated.

New Punk Song uploaded

I have added another punk tune to my line-up -- my first cover tune (posted) as well. I spent a lot of time getting this together. Being a cover tune, I wanted to make sure I put plenty of my own own creativity into it. I hope y'all can dig it...

Please have a listen/rate here:

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  1. 28-04-2015
    Kirk Mazzia

    Thanks to all, Staff included, who have rated my song. Much appreciated.


Well, just finished up with my indie horror movie music project - "Scream Machine" (Deadly Indie Entertainment), which features an introduction by Lloyd Kaufman (of "The Toxic Avenger" fame). That was a lot of work and a lot of FUN.... and a very interesting learning experience, to boot. I think I'd like to do more of these types of projects.

I have been working on developing a few more punk tunes between the movie project chapters, but not 100% focused. Now I can turn my focus up on the punk tunes. Actually I am very close to finishing one... and have a good start on another. A few more on the drawing board with lyrics. I hope to get something posted soon.... Best wishes to all in your projects, as well. Cheers!