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Simon Zattara band - comments

  1. 21-08-2015
    Nur Ich

    Thank you for your kind words. I only wish that I had more to offer than these raw recordings. Wishing you well, Kevin (Nur Ich)

  2. 05-08-2014
    Makatt =^..^=

    U So RoCk! =^..^= Hugs

  3. 29-03-2014

    Solid sound guys and the variations in the approach to your songs is quite enjoyable.

  4. 28-03-2014
    Peg O\'Neill

    Just gave you 5 thumbs up my friends from Paris! I enjoyed "Dared to dream"! very much. Love your sound. Definitely ur own-not copycats here!

  5. 24-02-2014
    Steve Joz

    Just gave you a thumbs up on "Pretty Baby", great job!

  6. 22-02-2014
    Eugene Paradis

    Love these pace ones get you dancing

  7. 19-02-2014
    Steve Joz

    Thanks for friend request! Just reviewed "Roll And Rock", love it! I gave it a thumbs up and will be listening to the rest later! When you have time do the same for me!