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James E Johnson - comments

  1. 21-08-2015
    Nur Ich

    James E J, You are a seeker and explorer. So few listen . . . so few! You have expressed gratitude for your feedback and time that you invested in listening. "Kim" and "Cave" are at opposite ends of my spectrum. I find them both enjoyable in different regard. It pleases me, greatly, that you have chosen these to be your favorites. Thank you, James. Wishing you good health and clear horizons, Kevin (Nur Ich)

  2. 18-08-2015

    Agree with el magico , but before trying pro mixing , u should work all the details on your track

  3. 24-07-2015

    Man you got some ideas! First thing on my mind is you are a talented guy; in the instrumental part of So Far Away your 12 strings sounds good! the verse is not different that any other one, (1- always submit something different), songs need to keep listeners attention (2- Do not repeat yourself). I would suggest to try a good pro mixing of one of your songs and go from there. (3- You only have one good shot). Thanks for asking me and best of success. El MAGICO.

  4. 24-07-2015

    Hi , I liked Darkest Hour best.

  5. 01-07-2015
    Robot Raven

    Thanks for the encouragement! Cheers!