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Robot Raven - comments

  1. 16-09-2016
    Tina Medina

    Just got to listen to the group, (Meet Me In the Middle, Somethings Got to Give and World Class Bullies) are really good, you have a really nice sound thanks for sharing. Hope to hear more.

  2. 22-08-2016

    Robot Raven have this collection of adorable new songs and videos! YOU KNOW I WANT YOU has this catchy phrase that sticks to your mind. I think it could make for a strong pop song when crafted into an arrangement a la Beck. LIFE GOES ON has superb and witty lyrics. The video is just guitar and vocal and proves that the song is good enough to stand on its own without any further elaborate instrumentation. RUB HER SOUL is a nice pun on that famous Beatles' album title, but apart from that, the entire lyrics are wonderful, and so is the music as well as the performance. The video has some endearing passages when the girl is almost like a puppet, or I'd even say like a puppy. TURN ME ON is a well-played rocker, the lyrics containing another good pun! The idea of electronic humans is most captivating. ALWAYS HAD THE POWER brings the philosopher to the front. It's not yoga, it's not mindfulness, but it is simply some sound advice that can let you gain energy and encouragement to step through life in a positive way. Splendid! IF I CAN'T LAUGH continues in the philosophical vein and has sublime lyrics and video images. The rhythm and melody are fluent and the guitar solo is charming. Definitely a favorite! MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY has this appealing old-fashioned vibe. The vocal harmonies sound special and are very pleasing. PARTY LINES PARTY LIES is a strong rocker casting some truthful views on America's political scene.

  3. 04-01-2016

    Hey, that's quite a collection of new songs again! You're so productive, great! Actually there are so many that I didn't listen to each and every one of them, but just a number of random picks. Quite enjoyed "Two heads, one heart" and the very beatlesque "Leap of faith". It's remarkable how easily you suggest eras and styles with each of your songs, like "Earworms" taking us straight back to the early sixties, and "I still like you" (witty lyrics!) being the perfect reincarnation for a late seventies pop-punk hit! Congrats, well done!

  4. 10-11-2015
    Buzz Conway

    Finger Lickn' and Nevermore my favs.Keep on Rockn'.

  5. 08-11-2015

    I definitely enjoyed listening to your music. The songs are well written and relevant as well.Vocals sound great and have a lot of soul in it(reminds me of jim morrison.) Instruments are well played and the music arrangement in your songs is excellent, had me grooving nonstop while listening...Rock on

  6. 22-10-2015

    You guys are the bomb. Listen rated and enjoyed.

  7. 01-10-2015
    Anthony Saliba

    Good,but you need a better mix,you have a wall of sound that take away from your dynamics.

  8. 13-09-2015
    David P. Reinen

    Love this stuff - so relaxing; smart music - I could picture driving down by the river listening to this like I used to listening to the Moody Blues - great stuff

  9. 11-09-2015

    i listened to Kick Back Relax and it was relaxing (I liked it). reminded me of Pink Floyd. I couldn't hear all the lyrics, but the song was well put together. I wish you success.

  10. 21-08-2015
    Nur Ich

    Robot Raven, Thank you for sharing your positive regard for this great moment in my life, as well as listening to my raw recordings. Wishing you good health and clear horizons, Kevin (Nur Ich).