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Terms of agreement

Alright folks, I tried to simplify these terms, but there are necessary elements that must be here. So please follow the rules if you dont want your account deleted!

1. These terms of agreement may be changed or modified at any time and you will be notified of such changes by either E Mail, or us posting it on The Spotlight Zone.

2. You agree to follow and abide by all the rules listed in this Terms of Agreement.

3. You must indicate your acceptance to this agreement while you are registering to become a member of The Spotlight Zone.

4. If you do not agree to be bound by this agreement and follow the rules, you must discontinue use of The Spotlight Zone immediately!

5. By using The Spotlight Zone you are promising that all the information that you submit is true and accurate.

6. If you are under 18 years of age you must have permission from a parent or guardian to become a member of The Spotlight Zone!

7. The agreement to these terms will remain in full effect while you are using the services of The Spotlight Zone.

8. You can terminate your membership at anytime by following the instructions on your My Account settings page.

9. The Spotlight Zone may terminate your membership at any time if you do not follow the rules of this agreement!

10. When you sign up to become a member of The Spotlight Zone, you will have to choose your user name and password. You are entirely responsible for the secrecy of your user name and password. You agree not to use the username, password, email address, or account of another member of the Spotlight Zone. You agree to contact The Spotlight Zone by clicking on contact us at the bottom of any page immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access to your password, user name, or use of your account. You are solely responsible for your password, user name, and account information while being a member of The Spotlight Zone.

11. Anyone that collects user names, E Mail addresses, ID numbers, or any other member information for the purpose of spamming or any other advertising is prohibited and their account will be deleted! There also will be no commercial advertisements other than self promotion from bands/musicians on members pages unless placed there by The Spotlight Zone.

12. The Spotlight Zone will never claim rights to or responsibility for any material (music, videos, text, photos, or any other content) that is uploaded and posted on The Spotlight Zone site unless it is owned by The Spotlight Zone or its staff.

13. Nudity, abusive images, excessive profanity, abusive video, excessive violence, racism, offensive subject matter, cyberbulling, spamming, phishing, harassment, threats, promoting any criminal activity, posting a photo or video containing another person without their consent, misleading content intended to draw attention to a profile, improper conduct from an adult to someone under 18 years of age, posting information that can intrude on the security or privacy of any person, uploading any kind of software that can interfere with the performance or security of our or someone elses computer, using any software or websites to add mass friends or send messages or comments, impersonating The Spotlight Zone or any member of its staff, permitting any third party access to your account information, selling or transferring your profile and/or account information, promoting false or misleading information, promoting any illegal activities, creating an imposter profile, try to run a scam, or just being down right nasty to another member is strictly prohibited. Lets be nice to each other and keep this site clean and respectable!

14. You agree that you own any and all content posted by you on The Spotlight Zone, or have gained the permission and rights to the content. You also agree to pay any and all royalties of fees owed to someone for the permission to upload any content that is not owned by you.

15. The Spotlight Zone is not responsible for monitoring the content of its pages and is not responsible for any inappropriate content or conduct by its members.

16. You agree to Report Abuse whenever you see any inappropriate content or conduct by The Spotlight Zone Members. The Report Abuse link is at the bottom of all pages.

17. If The Spotlight Zone or its staff discovers any inappropriate content or conduct by any one of its members, we will copy it for our records and then we will delete your account!

18. You are allowed to comment on, or send messages about the content on another members page. But you are not allowed to copy and repost any content of another member to your page on The Spotlight Zone, unless its adding someones music or videos to your Playlist on your page on The Spotlight Zone.

19. The Spotlight Zone is not responsible for anyone who copies any other members uploads to other websites. We are also not responsible for loss of profits, or any other damages in any way to you or a third party while using the services of The Spotlight Zone or links contained within.

20. The spotlight Zone and its staff are not responsible for any problems that are technical and may cause a temporary disconnection, change in appearance, or any other computer malfunction or human error that prevents you from using and enjoying The Spotlight Zone or its linked services.

21. Anyone who joins as a musician and does not post any musical content (mp3's) within 7 days will have their account status changed to "listener" or deleted with no trace of your other links or bio. No one wants to browse through musicians profiles that contain no music.

22. We reserve the right to delete or ban any account for any reason.

23. We reserve the right to play any music posted on this site on our internet radio station at no cost to you (if your music is chosen).