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Hi everyone! And welcome to The Spotlight Zone!
This site is self explanatory for people with basic website knowledge. So Im just going to point out a few things for now, and as the site grows I will add to this help section based on questions that we may be asked through the contact us link. So just off the top of my head, here are a few things I think you should know.

# 1. Joining the site: When you join sometimes it may take a while for your member verification letter to reach your mail, and other times it comes fast. Its a server thing that we are trying to iron out.

# 2. Passwords: First of all, you only have 3 chances to enter your password. If you get it wrong 3 times, you are blocked from the site for 24 hours. This is for your protection against someone hacking your account! Please make sure to write down your password or store it on a flash drive. Just don't save your it on your computer!

Don't use common names or anything else that someone can guess about you. It's best to use nonsense words that are a mix of caps, lower case letters, and other characters. The more it doesn't make sense, the more protected you are.

# 3. Download this image: You will see this at the bottom of the page when you open up a friends picture. Just left clicking will not work because its in a Pop up format. So just right click on Download this image and go to save as target, or in some cases save as object. Then you can save it where you want.

# 4. Posting videos: In order to get a video to show up you have to enter the video URL or html code. If you are on U Tube, go to the button share" and then click enable. There you will see a code. Copy it and paste it in the code field in the video section of the site.

Well, thats all for now until someone gets stuck and goes to contact us with a good question. Then well post the answer to it in this help section.
Peace and love - JJ and Dorothy, The Spotlight Zone.