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Fused Earth 4:20

Fused Earth 4:20
Weatherford, Texas, United States
Postal code:
Jazz, Fusion, Instrumental
Dan Kacherios, Frank McKenzie


Fused Earth 4:20 is a band formed on the internet. Its founders and currently only members are Dan Kachiros who writes and plays all drum tracks and Frank McKenzie who writes and plays the rest.
Formed January 13th, 2012... Fused Earth 4:20 came into being. After years of dealing with the typical problems that all bands go through, attitudes, disagreements, whos the boss?, well, you get it, Myself and Dan got together on Kompoz one night and began colab. on some tunes. It soon dawnd on us we had a thing going, a good thing. We would work during the late night hours, usually till around 4:20 in the morning crunching away forming different songs... He would write, play and send various drum tracks and I would add music to them, often looking at a picture he had drawn and used as inspiration for the beat. Then it happened.... at 4:20 in the morning on the 13th of January 2012... an inspiration came... lets form a internet band! And so it begains.... long distance bandmanship.. lol. No more attitudes, hassels, show dead lines... just plain fun an interesting music, for you just never know whats going to pop out untill the songs complete! Please feel free to leave any comments or sugestions... all are apreciated and welcome... good or bad... it all counts in the end. Oh... and if you think you might be interested... yes, we are looking for 'members', the more tallent we collect the more interesting the music will get. Pot luck tunes... together we make it happen~ ! Glad you're here!!