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Tusko Fatale

Tusko Fatale
Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Postal code:
Psychedelic, Indie, Rock
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Donovan, Radio Head, XTC
"EXPERIMENTAL AND EERIE Tusko Fatale took its name from an infamous 1962 experiment on an elephant named Tusko, who died after being injected with a massive dose of LSD. So does David Orr, a founding member, find that an odd thing to name a band for? "Y


TUSKO FATALE was formed in the late 80's when singer/songwriter/psychonaut David Orr met drummer/recording engineer Bob Gurske. Originally it was a recording project exploring the effects of psychoactive plants and mushrooms (entheogens) on musical composition and production. Shortly after its inception, guitarist Donnie Kepley joined the band giving Tusko the opportunity to perform its music live.
In 1990 'Roo Records released the self title album TUSKO FATALE containing such songs as 'Psychoactive Salad Bar' and 'The Unfortunate Elephant' (which was named after the ill fated 1962 LSD experiment that led to the death of the Lincoln Park Zoo elephant Tusko in Oklahoma City). 'Roo Records released Tusko's second album 'Prick (of the Pedro)' in 1993. This was Tusko's tribute to the San Pedro cactus though it also contained the song 'Yage' which was about the ayahuasca 'experience'. 'Roo Records released Tusko's 'The Master's Gone' and 'Working for Lorne Greene' in 1995 on the 'Soundings' compilation. Tusko Fatale's 'Bryce, the Skunkman & You' was released the same year on 'Roo's 'Expedition Series #1.
TUSKO FATALE stopped recording and performing in 1997.
In 2007 Alex Boese released his book 'Elephants on Acid and Other Bizarre Experiments'. The book cited the ill fated 1962 LSD experiment with TUSKO the elephant and talked about its effect on popular culture mentioning TUSKO FATALE and quoting David's lyrics in the song 'The Unfortunate Elephant'(see the video at:
David released an acoustic version of a previously unreleased TUSKO FATALE song called 'It's a Pity' in
2008 (see the video at:
TUSKO FATALE reformed in 2009 and performed a reunion show at the Norva in Norfolk, Virginia. Shortly thereafter, they started writing and recording new material. The song/video 'The Ghost of a Hurricane' was released in early 2011 (see the video at
TUSKO FATALE'S drummer, Bob Gurske died unexpectedly on July 4, 2011. The band then released their song/video 'Arr... Ain't No Brouhaha' in late 2011 and dedicated the video in memory of Bob (see the video at
In 2012 TUSKO FATALE released their video for 'Bryce, the Skunkman and You' (see video at: ).
Tusko Fatale was included in ' Hardcore Norfolk: A Story of Rock 'n' Roll Survival', a documentary about the Rock 'n' Roll music scene in Norfolk, VA and surrounding cities from the 1950's to today.
In May of 2014, TUSKO FATALE released their single 'It's a Pity'. On this song, David and Donnie were joined in the studio by drummer extraordinaire Mike Griffith and guitar virtuoso Bryan Forrest.
In August 2014, TUSKO FATALE released their psychedelic music video 'The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird' which won Veer Magazine's 'Music Video of the Year' award.
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