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Salvatore Cirillo

Salvatore Cirillo
Jazz, Jazz, Instrumental


Hello, I am an Italian composer, orchestrator and pianist with a strong passion for applied music. Here you can find more info about me.
I was born in Marcianise in 1972, and with me was also born a passion for music. The sound of the piano accordion played by my father was always in the background and I cant recall how old I was the first time I touched the keys of a piano, enthused by each note they produced. It was in piano that I gained my first diploma. Then I fell in love with jazz and its creative freedom of composition, and I gained further diplomas in jazz, harpsichord and composition to add to my CV. This allowed me to follow my love for music with the enthusiasm and curiosity I had as a child. A journey inside and outside of me during which three works: tha adaption and arrangement of pieces by Astor Piazzolla, were published. After this, I brought prestigious recognition, amongst which was the first prize in an International Competition for composition and arrangement for jazz orchestra: Barga Jazz 2008 in Section B and Barga Jazz 2009 in Secion C. Then came two CDs, with my signature: Unpretentious in 2009 with piano and voice, and Looking for Listeners in July 2012 by Vision Editoriale. I was also involved in the albumLions 4 Lines as pianist and arranger.In 2011 Wild was released, my first CD of soundtracks edited by Sifare Edizioni Musicali. My next soundtrack was for the documentary Inside Africa produced by Vision Editoriale and TERRA DI CINEMA with the director Gaetano Ippolito, a very moving work which I have enjoyed being involved in 2012. Inside Africa won the prize HAI VISTOMAI? 2012
I love playing piano with Adele Capacchione because she uses her voice like an instrument and also she doesn't use vibrato. She has studied singing privately and she got the Diploma LTCL in Singing Jazz at Trinity College of London, but now she still studies Music Theory, Harmony & Ear Training with me.