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Record Company Executive: Joe Mansfield

Record Company Executive: Joe Mansfield
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


1962 Disc-Jockey and music director for KMAC/KISS FM in San Antonio, Texas
1968 Sales, promotion and marketing for CBS Records.
1969 Doubled sales for CBS Records and named Promotion Man of the Year
1977 Vice President of Merchandising at CBS New York
Worked with CBS Artists; Boston, Michael Jackson, Charlie Daniels Band and Meatloaf
Named Vice President of Marketing for Columbia Records guiding the careers of Chicago, Billy Joel, Journey, Willie Nelson, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, Kenny Loggins, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Toto, Aerosmith, Loverboy, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd
1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 Columbia named "Label of the Year" as a result of his efforts
Vice President of Contemporary Music for RCA Records in New York
Entire roster, which included Diana Ross, Rick Springfield, Jefferson Starship, Eurythmics, Kenny Rogers and Hall & Oats gained multi-platinum status under his guidance
Vice President of Sales & V.P. of Marketing at CEMA Distribution in Los Angeles
Went to work for Capitol Records-Los Angeles, successfully marketing Heart, Bob Seger, Poison, Corey Hart, Pet Shop Boys, Bonnie Raitt, Queensrych, among many others
Launched Garth Brooks and Mr. Mansfield's marketing plan resulted in Garth selling 100 million units in less than 10 years (and many more since then). Garth Brooks / Mansfield total unit sales is over 130 million units; a marketing feat never matched by anyone.

1992 started marketing company, Mansfield-Martinovich & Associates
1996 CEO and Co-President of Asylum Records-Nashville guiding the careers of Emmylou Harris, Bryan White, Lila McCann and Kevin Sharp
Mr. Mansfield is the current Marketing Consultant to Garth Brooks. Recently Brooks came out of retirement and Mansfield & Brooks have again hit the top 20 charts and sold gold and platinum in 2005
He has been awarded over 100 gold and multi-platinum records for his expertise.
And friends with JJ Rocks for over 30 years.
Recently in 2014 Garth signed a 100 million dollar deal with Sony (their ONLY project at this time) and Joe Mansfield is in charge of all the sales of the digital downloads. Next on his list of things to do is to market the new upcoming CD from Garth Brooks called "Man against Machine". I have been given the honor to write the first independent CD review on this newest project. You can find it in the "Articles" section.