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Jeff Appleton

Jeff Appleton
Fakenham, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Electronica, Ambient, Pop
Just me
Radiohead, Muse, William Orbit, Moby, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Neworder


I've been writing songs for about 25 years. My first song was called Sports Star Of The Year, and I wrote it when I was 10 on an old electric organ that was the size of a large dog.
Since then I've dabbled with Midi, setting up about 7 keyboards together to an old Archimedes computer at school, through the Atari 1040 days, all the way through to now just plugging a keyboard into a pc.
I've done some remixes for various bands and artists, all of which unofficial or remix competitions, and I'm currently in the process of putting them all onto a Youtube channel.
I've been quite out of the loop for about 10 years, life kind of intervenes that way, but now I'm starting to write again, and hoping to try and get on a little better than I did before :D