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Dave Erving

Dave Erving
Vienna, Va, United States
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Hardcore, Rock, Blues
Hendrix, Biohazrd,


I work very hard at what I love. Music, Art and Writing. Loyalty and drive are my two best qualities. A desire to learn is my next best quality. I'm just starting out with Digital Formats, but want to learn everything about it and I want to learn it now.
My Dad was a jazz bassist and a master of music theory(though his 9 to 5 was in the C.I.A). I have been playing different instruments since before I could walk. Pretty much everything but horns. Piano was the first instrument I played, followed by violin(top seat within a year), cello(top string even faster), and then guitar, bass and drums. The instrument I found the hardest to learned and is probably my weakest instrument is my voice. I can scream, but don't really like my singing voice.
As far as writing, I was always a good creative writer(thank God for Spell check though), my grammar and spelling aren't as good as I would like them to be, but I always got straight A's in English because I could write just about anything. Poetry came in handy for writing lyrics when I was learning to sing. I don't know which I have more of, sketchbooks or poetry books