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RC Songs

RC Songs
Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States
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Bach to Rock


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I'm a country, pop & R&B songwriter based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, a longtime songwriter/guitarist who is getting back into the music business and pro songwriting after a long hiatus.
I was born and raised in Long Island, NY, where I started to play guitar and write songs in my teens. Growing up, I was inspired by listening to such artists as the Eagles , Allman Brothers, Steely Dan ,Peter Frampton ..... most of the classic rock groups ...... and more recently it's been pretty much ... Bach to Rock .!!

In the late '80s I had some success, getting placements with a few label artists. At the time I was writing more R&B and dance music, ASCAP voted us top amateur songwriters in New York City,
I wrote a song called 'Cry Baby' for Polydor artist Nikki, I collaborated with a several great writers from New York and wrote four singles for singer Donna Marie, who was signed to Covert Records. Covert was a label owned by Billy Joel's sax player, Richie Cannata."

A picture paints a thousand words ...a song paints a thousand pictures !!
Thanks for listening !