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GBX Resoluted

GBX Resoluted
Lyon, Europe, France
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Gilles Broux
Many, many, many...
To be continued


Hello and welcome!... I' am Gilles Broux : GBX Resoluted.
Born in Valence (Drôme) France.
"Resoluted." (Not a word but a neologism founded on the verb: to resolute...)
What's the meaning of this?... At the time in my and other musical world's projects, I want to bring into being creative and bold...
Step by step, day after day, from waves to waves... I keep on to improvise with that sweet, sensible and tiny part of doubt. However you must think before your act!
About music the silence is the key:... there are many whites... Less is more... It's always nice to raise from nothing, then your expression comes from the heart.
Every person is a holy story. I really like the notion of reciprocity. It' s a way to ally individual humility to collective ambition.
I have started to write texts and to play flutes when I was a kid of 10 years old. I was often listened in radios...
During my childhood, I also overcame beyond hearing problems. I had to assume audio medical exams. So I was amazed by the acoustic chambers, cables and headsets. That' s surely have given to me the passion for sounds and soundings.
Today, how does the chorus go?... I' am listening to a multitude of artists, musicians and composers. I' am working hard on my artworks with the idea to exchange for change. I'm always in progress... As Claude Debussy said: "In music, the pleasure is the only rule."... To be continued...
Let' us be spot on... May you call me one note and here' s the light! From our respective free and mutual zones we are all on the air.
I wish you all the best with my kind regards: peacefully, very cordially and musically!...