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JJ Rocks: Jazz guitar

JJ Rocks: Jazz guitar
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
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JJ Rocks
Every guitar player I ever heard


Hey everyone! This is where I post my classic jazz cover tunes. Theres nothing special about the background music, Its mostly from the can, except for The Pink Panther. Only the drums (for now) are from a machine. This profile is just about the guitar solos. I was trying to have my own personal touch within the improvisation. So just trying to be the real me on these tunes is the main thing here. Besides, finding great jazz players on this small island in the Caribbean is hard enough. But getting their butts into a studio to just play for fun is a whole different thing.

So I hope you enjoy these soft jazz covers. Later Im going to master them so they have a little more punch and volume. But for now, I just want you to check out my little guitar journeys through these great classic jazz tunes.
Peace and love,
- JJ Rocks - St. Croix Guitarist
PS: Thank you Devon (my guitar and bass student) for giving me this vintage Gibson ES 135 just because he liked the way I teach!