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St. Croix School of Rocks

St. Croix School of Rocks
St. Croix, US,Virgin Islands
Rock, Reggae, Blues


This was my favorite student band. They were the 2010 version of St. Croix School of Rocks. Their ages were 10 and 11 years old at the time that they performed on the videos that are in their video section. And even though there were some mistakes made and most of my time was spent giving cues to these great kids which caused me to get lost a few times myself, I still wanted to post their videos to show all the good parts of this very young and talented band. Two of them are autistic.

Most of them had only been taking lessons from me for a few years,
but the bass player had only been studying his instrument with me for one year. But I knew it was time to put them on a stage and start getting a feel for an audience. And it worked! If it wasnt for parent interference (like in my last student band Cruciantime) they would still be out there playing. But at least I know that some of my students have went on to form their own bands. Some went for the bar/restaurant scene, and others for church bands. What ever direction they chose, I know that I did my job right if they continued on their own without my help. To take a student to a level where they can learn on their own and create their own musical adventures has always been one of my dreams.
- JJ Rocks