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Genoa, Italy
Electronica, Experimental, Instrumental
Pure Armenia. Influenced by Georges Ivanovič Gurdjieff
Andrea Baroni: Active for many years before under the brand Distesa and then as soloist, ...Armenia experiences between rhythms and folktronica from a perspective that connects mind and body. Saving energy reverberates episodes of Boards of Canada.
Saturday, March 16 Casa Della Musica via M. Boccanegra 15 - Darsena - 16126 Genoa (IT) - the exhibition is at 21:00


As above so below. I realized: I'm an infiltrate in the world of machines and electronic music. Basic a subversive. I go towards man and everything is adjusted for this purpose in various ways and paths. I install a human virus and I go to the result. Then the machines, both software and hardware, begin to bend, to heat up and become alive. Sometimes it's surprising. Alchemical operation in my sight. The Wise commands. In the background the Child and the Doomsayer.
Music for Armenia is a tool for describing and understanding through time. It's movement and stillness. Sound but silence. Electronics and computers are intended to be wonderful tools facilitators of creativity.
It's since the early 80s that he makes experiments with the timbre of synthesizers and samplers. He has written and performed songs initially as a duo, with his sister Luisa Armenia in Genoa: the first electronic band was called "Elettra" and the first collection of songs "Tempo spazio", dating back to 1984; thereafter, assumed the name "Distesa", the two have produced the albums "Senza paura", "Obbedienti a noi stessi", "Non andrò via da qui". Fondacaro Gloria was also part of the band for the visual side (photos and slides) and as live performer (stage action). In live performances "Distesa" have expanded the band for a certain period in 1990 including Massimo Baldi (electric guitar), Alessandro Benatti (drums), Guido Bruzzone (bass), Salvatore Fratìa (electric guitar).
After the natural decreasing of the driving force of Distesa, Armenia is increasingly dedicated to electronic solo productions, starting from the initial album "Alterazione estetica" to continue with "Ecolalia", "Mantra".
"A new beginning" is the work which he has published and presented to the public and to the Internet in 2011, distributed by "Believe Digital": a systemic work, which should be read more as a whole, an overall view. It's the first birth of a new series: dark, energetic, dense, disturbing as Orwell's 1984 novel resembling the modern society instrumentals, permeated by a layered and sometimes claustrophobic sound that becomes softer (but only in part) in the last tracks on the album and that tends deliberately not to indulge in harmonic and melodic solutions which it simultaneously outlines.
2013, thanks to the providential encounter with the association "Duplex Ride", becomes the year of the return to live concerts and attention to the experimental and expressive use of images. The instrumentals of "A new beginning" are now presented in concert with new arrangements which try to engage and impress the viewer physically, emotionally and mentally, using the video's contribution which tells and emphasizes themes and meanings of each track.
In February 2015 Armenias first live electronic album "Reboot" has arrived, available in digital stores and on self-produced CD.
During the search of just the perfect gig, after having digitally stored on many occasions the electronic performance, the first live set in 2015 reveals itself as one to immortalize, thanks to a magical combination of characteristics: the feeling and right warmth, intimacy, public involvement and the excellent audio master which keeps energy.
The new studio album in 2017, WE ARE STILL MACHINES, lands on Bandcamp, uncomfortable, restless and faceted. Man's true awareness, almost never fully developed and, at the same time, the condemnation to depend on his mechanical nature and lack of will, are at the center of musical and poetic speech of WE ARE STILL MACHINES that tells, through the codes of electronic music, the final time of deception, malleability and modern weakness.
In June 2018 he published his second live album "Echoes", available on Bandcamp: live recorded @ Museo di Sant'Agostino, Genova (Italy) on March 17, 2018. This live set's location is the Deposito Lapideo at Museum of Sant'Agostino in Genoa, where he performed "We Are Still Machines" that looks to the near future, among ancient marble finds, catalogued and preserved therein. A superb blend.
In September 2018 he published "The Wedding Gig", live recorded in Montanesi (Italy). The emotional and energetic mix of an unreleased international trio that blends visceral electronics, experiments on electric guitar, noise with the bodily expression of the dance. A purifying ritual of the place and time.
With the excellent Andy Moor (electric guitar, born in London, EN, from Amsterdam, NL), Armenia (electronics, from Genoa, IT), Valentina Campora (dance, born in Genoa, IT, from Amsterdam, NL).
Armenia combines a very instinctive and intuitive approach with the meticulous care of an enveloping and emotional soundscape. Musical structures are usually simple and strong. Serial repetition and search for difference at the same time are two dominant stylistic figures. In this context rhythm has a leading and binder role. Attention to the perception of the world and to interpretation of the Essence transpires from explicit and implicit messages that are conveyed by each composition.
Armenia could be described today as an apprentice Orpheist.
2011 - A New Beginning - Digital Album, CD, self produced, on Bandcamp.
2015 - Reboot (Live) - Digital Album, CD, self produced, on Bandcamp.
2017 - We Are Still Machines - Digital Album, self produced, on Bandcamp.
2018 - Echoes (Live) - Digital Album, self produced, on Bandcamp.
2018 - The Wedding Gig - by Andy Moor, Armenia, Valentina Campora - Digital Album, self produced, on Bandcamp.
Duplex Ride vol. 1 2013 - CD, track: Saving Energy (Live) (sold out).