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Maddie Deneault

Maddie Deneault
Ft Worth, TX, US
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Country, Pop
Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Pink


Natural talent is a precious commodity, but when you combine that God-given
gift with an abundance of stage experience, a dedicated work ethic and sheer
youthful exuberance, you have a potent recipe for success. Maddie Deneault
has all those tools in her arsenal as well as that unique, indefinable quality that
propels an artist from hopeful ambition to thriving reality.

At barely 18-years-old, Maddie is already a seasoned performer with years of
stage experience. As a dancer, shes performed with Selena Gomez at Dallas
Cowboys Stadium during a Thanksgiving NFL game. Shes sung opera at Fort
Worths famed Bass Hall and shes a regular on the Grapevine Opry, a legendary
venue in the Lone Star state that has provided a vehicle for up and coming Texas
talent. Though she can sing any kind of music---and has the extensive resume to
prove it---country music is the genre she calls home.

Ive studied different kinds of music in choir. Ive sang opera and Ive done
musical theater, says Maddie, but I love country music. Carrie Underwood and
Miranda Lambert are definitely influences and Ive listened to Rascal Flatts since
I was a little kid. When my mom got me my first karaoke machine for Christmas,
Id sit there and sing all the Rascal Flatts songs over and over again. I love

On All or Nothing, her debut EP produced by Nashville veteran Kim Copeland,
Maddie combines her love for country music with her appreciation for such
todays most distinctive pop stylists. I love Christina Aguilera. I love how big her
voice is, Maddie says. I want my voice to touch people and my songs to have
an impact. I want to sing songs that will make someone jam out in their car and
think back on a good time in their life. Songs can make really good memories
pop into your head and take you back to another time.

Sunshine is one of those songs that will have listeners singing along. Its
very empowering. You can get knocked down so many times, but you cant take
away someones sunshine, says Maddie, who was born in Pensacola, FL and
became a Texan when her family moved to the Lone Star state when she was
five months old. I love this song. It has a really good groove to it and its rockin.
Maddies strong, supple voice shines on such up tempos as Gravity and
the sassy anthem She Dont Play Guitar but the young artist is particularly
compelling on Damn the Ocean, a poignant ballad about a failed relationship
that aches with longing and regret. Maddie has an uncanny ability to bring out the
best in a lyric whether its an uplifting anthem or a heart-tugging tune about lost
love. She conveys a depth of emotion in her voice that is well beyond her young

Maddie has known she belonged in front of an audience ever since she began
standing on her parents fireplace when she was four and belting out songs for
her adoring family. For more than a decade, she has studied voice and dance,
always preparing to pursue her dream. These days that dream is becoming a
reality and the talented teen is enjoying every minute of it.

I love looking out and seeing the faces in the audience and knowing that when
I get to a certain phrase of a song how their expression is going to change with
the words Im saying or notes Im singing, Maddie says. I love seeing their faces
and watching the music move them. Its all I ever wanted to do.