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Seomoon Tak

Seomoon Tak
Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
Rock, Pop, Blues Rock
Label name:
RocKing Entertainment
Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin


Seomoon Tak, a female South Korean rock singer with a powerful voice and a wide vocal range, is an alumna of Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and majored in Music Production and Engineering. She debuted in 1999 and sold her first album over 300,000 copies and her second album over 300,000 copies. After she debuted in Korea, she regularly had more than 1,000 live performances per year, and radio and TV shows appearances. She released 6 studio albums (Korean), 2 studio albums (Japanese), and 2 single albums, and recorded multiple movie and television soundtracks. Marty Friedman, the guitarist of Megadeath, also featured her second Japanese album.
Besides her recordings, she was casted as Yitzhak, the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Acid Queen, the musical The Who's Tommy in both Korea and Japan for many years. She is the first and only Asian Berklee student who was selected to perform for both "Singer's Night" and "Singer's Showcase" in front of over a thousand audiences at Berklee Performance Center for multiple times.
In 2012, she appeared a Korean TV show, I Am a Singer 2, where selected veteran Korean singers by advisory panels perform and compete each other. This sensational concept raised the Korean music scene to a higher level, and let the audiences truly focus on authenticity and quality of the music and the vocalist. Chinese broadcasting company adapted this show, which made a huge success in China. Seomoon Tak survived for five months and she made the final round of the entire season of the show.
As she released her second single in summer 2013, she started a project band, Seomoon Tak Band. This January, Seomoon Tak Band successfully had their solo concert in South Korea and had 1,500 audiences.