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Heath Virock

Heath Virock
Columbus, Ga, United States
Folk Rock, Rock, Indie
Label name:
Heath Virock Publishing Company
Jethro Tull, Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Nirvana


Heath Virock is a songwriter and President of Heath Virock Publishing Company. Being in a philosophical coma for 35 years he has entered the public realm of music.

All musical instruments in his songs are performed by him, and learning to play instruments again, causes slow production of the many songs he has written in his mind. However, he is currently looking for the right group of people to form a band.

Heath Virock continues to progress his passion for all genres of music and his enthusiasm for helping other musicians.

Heath Virock wrote the song The Christmas Light after he asked a friend seven-year-old daughter if she saw Santa Clause on Christmas Eve? She said she did not see Santa. However, she saw a beautiful and colorful light while she lay there in her bed. She jumped up in Heath's lap and gave him a big hug then whispered in his ear it was Gods light.

A very talented musician who wrote a comment concerning my song, The Christmas Light and I would like to share it with you and say her words meant the world to me.

The Christmas Light; It reminds me of a simpler and more peaceful time. I was touched almost the moment it began to play. There is a profound truth that has been lost in this country of America, and this song sets to the scene to recapture it. It is one of the best feeling songs I have heard in a long time. Brenda Ross.

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Heath Virock

(413) 798-4762