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Rock, Progressive, Blues Rock
Label name:
T-Bone Records
JJ Rocks, Bobby Jarzombek, BB King,John Coltrane, Mike Portnoy, Rhandy Rhoads, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Dave Weckl,Jeff Baxter, Walter Becker, The Beatles, Rush, Dream Theater, and many, many more


I got my start in music very early on. My Mom (Laurie-Ann, she is a staff member here at TSZ) always played music for me since I was a baby. When I got older she would let me go through her CD collection and pick out music to listen to together. She would tell me everything she knew about each artist and it was always very fun. Both her interest and excitment for music is infectious and listening to all the different styles of music is a great learning experience. When I was 7 she got me started in guitar lessons, and I have been playing guitar ever since.

My guitar teacher is JJ Rocks. I also played in his student band, St. Croix School Of Rocks". You can see me playing with them under my video section and also on St. Croix School Of Rocks profile page here on The Spotlight Zone.

Besides guitar, I also play drums, Xylophone, Marimba, bells, bongos, and trombone.

I like all kinds of music. My favorite genres are rock, blues, and progressive rock.