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Lynn Langtry

Lynn Langtry
Surrey, BC, Canada
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V4N 1P2
Classical, Experimental, Acoustic
Lynn Langtry
Taylore T. Fox aka Trudey Buckler Blake/ classical training/ my parents who were musicians: my mother was a music teacher and singer and my father was a child prodigy on piano.
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Lynn Langtry
Lynn is a songwriter singer, a novelist as well as a visual artist. She weaves her creativity through these various avenues of expression, to complement each other, and to touch the imaginations of her fans through the senses of sight and sound.

I chose the title Elements for my album and used the four classical elements, Fire-air-earth-water, as a theme for this song cycle collection. I wanted to connect the stories in the individual songs with the elements of nature and how these are interwoven in our livesThis theme base allowed me to create poetry that ties the human story to our environment. Each song has its own storyhere and at you can enjoy my songs from this album.
Lynn also was the producer/ director and soprano in a concert tour and cultural exchange project: Amethyst Concert Group 2003 in Dominican Republic. Along with many events for music students, the group performed in several high profile concerts. Lynn Langtry along with Soprano Silvia Griffiths performed for Presidente Hipolito Mejia and First Lady Rosa Gomez de Mejia.

B. Ed: Music & English; first class standing H. B. Music: Major in Classical Vocal Studies; Minor in English; first class standing; Diploma in Music
BC Teacher; Ontario Certified teacher; Active member of the BCTF, BCMEA, SOCAN.